Driving at 500mph is ‘boring’ says Land speed record holder who reveals shocking secret

Driving at 500mph is ‘boring’ says Land speed record holder who reveals shocking secret

The Land Speed Record was broken by Mr Noble aboard the powerful Thrust 2 machine 37 years ago after clocking speeds of more than 633mph. The record was beaten some 14 years later by Britain’s Andy Green with speeds exceeding 763mph aboard the Trust 2’s successor, Thrust SSC.

However Mr Noble has stunningly revealed details about the initial 1983 run as he shockingly revealed how driving at more than 500mph was something he found to be “boring”.

The former record holder then told how “shockwaves” would appear around the car after reaching its highest speeds.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Noble said: “Between zero and 300mph it’s all over the place, you’re driving in a lane that’s just 50 feet wide.

“Once you get to 350 it starts to slow down aerodynamically, 350 and 500 is boring but it’s just going a bit faster.

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He told Express.co.uk: “The extraordinary thing about it is that because I’ve been doing it a long time you get very used to it.

“Your mental process speeds right up and everything happens in very very slow motion, it’s a very laid back, restful, peaceful event effectively.

“You can see every single detail on the track come up and go under the car at 615mph, It’s absolutely extraordinary.

“Then you pull the parachute, that’s your braking process, and it will decelerate at around five and six Gs sp you lose speed at 135mph per second. It’s a very violent deceleration.”

“Effectively the picture changes, that’s what you see the picture changes and you think you’re driving right down into the centre of the world until it reaches around 400mph and then you can relax.”

However, Mr Noble warned drivers have to be incredibly fit to take on the Land Speed Record which required “years of training”.

Mr Noble was the former CEO of the new Bloodhound project which aims to break the record once again.

His new book, Take Risk, is set to be published shortly.

Published at Sun, 03 May 2020 05:01:00 +0000