Driving in Europe: New rule introduced within weeks will see UK drivers breaking the law

Driving in Europe: New rule introduced within weeks will see UK drivers breaking the law

Drivers risk being completely denied entry at the border of some nations or fisk heavy fines for not having a valid Green Card when driving on the continent from 1 January 2021. Car insurance Green Cards are vital tools as they prove a driver has the minimum level of cover for at least third party damage.

Under the current legislation, road users can drive in Europe without a Green Card although this agreement is likely to change.

Road users have been warned they must have a hard copy of a Green Card with them as authorities do not accept digital copies.

Exerts at Admiral have warned drivers should allow up to seven days to apply and receive their Green Card.

Many insurers, including Admiral, will offer these free of charge to customers but only if they are applied for.

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She said: “As the UK prepares for the end of the transition period, and there’s still a real possibility that agreement won’t be in place by 1 January, it’s important for motorists to be prepared if they’re planning to take their car to Europe.

“Having all the right protection and documentation before you travel will reduce any potential problems you could face at the border and reduce any last-minute panic.

“At Admiral, Green Cards are free for policyholders. We recommend allowing a minimum of seven days to apply for the card before you travel.

“From 1 January, motorists planning to drive in Europe will need to make sure they take their Green Card, their driving licence, their car’s logbook and a copy of their car insurance certificate with them when they drive abroad.

“If you’re taking your car to Europe before the end of the year, but will still be there after 1 January, you’ll need to get your Green Card before you head off.

“If you don’t have one and no deal is reached at the end of the year, you may be breaking the law and you might face a fine or your vehicle could be seized.”

Admiral has also urged drivers to take all of their documentation when driving abroad including a certificate of motor insurance, vehicle registration documents and driving licence.

They have warned drivers to ensure they have the correct contact details for their insurance providers saved in their phone.

If a driver is involved in a crash, road users should simply make a note of where the crash happened and take images of the accident at a safe distance.

Admiral says road users should not leave the scene of a crash without making sure they have the other driver’s contact details.

Published at Sat, 24 Oct 2020 07:52:00 +0000