Driving in the EU after Brexit – The one thing YOU will need revealed

Driving in the EU after Brexit – The one thing YOU will need revealed

If the UK leaves the EU with no deal on March 29th motorists may need to purchase an International Driving Permit (IDP).

The IDP is essentially a permit which allows motorists to legally drive in countries across the world.

It is recommended or required in over 140 countries across the world – including the USA, Hong Kong, and Brazil.

In some countries it is a legal requirement to enable you to drive, while in other countries it may be a compulsory requirement by car hire companies.

An IDP is basically an official, multi-language translation of your driving licence and is recognised worldwide, that is valid for 12 months.

Previously, IDPs were only available at 89 Post Offices across Britain but now they are available at over 2,500 branches.

Permits cost £5.50 each to buy and are now available at around a quarter of the UK’s Post Offices.

The amount of branches that are expected to stock them is around 4,500 to be able to keep up with the overall demand, revealed the Department for Transport.

The roads minister, Jesse Norman, said: “The wide availability of IDPs now through Post Offices should give reassurance to UK motorists that they can continue to drive in the EU, whatever the outcome of Brexit.”

Currently, UK driving licence are recognised across the EU and motorists can drive without any issue.

This may change as a result of no-deal meaning motorists could be turned away if they don’t have the correct permit.

Motorists may actually have to purchase two different permit if there is a no-deal as some countries require a different permit to the standard one.

For example, France enquires the 1968 version of the permit while other countries such as Spain require the 1949 version.

Martin Edwards, managing director of identity services at the Post Office, said: “Millions of travellers already visit our branches each year to access our range of travel services, including travel money, travel insurance and digital passport applications.

“It means we’re well placed and resourced to extend the availability of these documents.”

Edmund King, President of the AA said: “The Government has taken a backwards step in discontinuing postal and online applications for IDPs, which the AA has conducted successfully for the last few decades.

“The sharp uptake in applications shows that drivers are concerned about driving on the continent post-Brexit.”

To apply for one you just have:

  • Your full UK driving licence – Photo card or older paper version licence
  • The application fee
  • A passport sized photo signed on the back
  • Proof of identification e.g. passport

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