Driving licence shock: 65,000 learner drivers issued penalty points before taking a test

Driving licence shock: 65,000 learner drivers issued penalty points before taking a test

Driving licence points are carried over between provisional and full driving licences meaning thousands could be just one mistake off a driving ban. In a shocking revelation, experts at Moneyshake can even reveal that drivers aged 16 years old have even picked up points despite not being legally allowed to drive. 

Speaking to Express.co.uk, CEO Eban Lovatt said: “You might think it’s not possible, but a shocking number of learner drivers already have penalty points on their provisional licence. 

“As new drivers’ licences are automatically revoked if they get more than six points in two years, many learners are at risk of being disqualified.”

But experts a Motoring Lawyers Online says it is possible to accumulate points as a learner driver and still obtain a full licence. 

This is because although provisional points are carried over to a full licence, they are still considred seperate. 

This means learner drivers would still be able to pass a test even if they had 11 points on their provisional licence.

Moneyshake warns that endorsements stay on a driving licence for up to four years in a major blow. 

“Learners must drive safely and legally when practising for their test. In particular, pay attention to the speed limit, never use your mobile phone and make sure you have valid insurance.’

The DVLA data shockingly revealed that 80 16-year-old learner drivers have also picked up points. 

However, the legal age to learn to drive is 17 years old which could suggest a number of young people are breaking the law to get behind the wheel early. 

The most dangerous learner driver demographic were 20-year-old men with 627 offenders picking up seven points or more. 

A total of 26,552 offenders were aged between 20 and 29 which became the highest age range. 

Those aged between 30 and 39 were the second highest offenders with over 17,500 learner drivers having been issued points on their licence. 

Published at Thu, 13 Aug 2020 13:26:00 +0000