Driving test changes introduced from next month are ‘vital’ to prepare road users

Driving test changes introduced from next month are ‘vital’ to prepare road users

Driving schools have said the changes make sense to ensure younger drivers get more road experience on the road before passing their tests. The updates will give motorists a “different perspective” of the road and prepare drivers for any situation.

The new system is being considered after data shows a disproportionate number of young drivers are involved in road crashes.

Young drivers make up just seven percent of driving licence holders but account for 16 percent of serious and fatal accidents.

Baroness Vere said the Department for Transport had funded a new Driving Instructors Association to create a new modular system.

Ms Vere told the Transport Committee that the new system was currently being finalised.

Research from Young Driver found that one in six drovers had no experience driving different types of roads or at different times of the day when they passed their test.

One in five said they had no experience driving in bad weather or in the dark when they first took their test.

One in two say they were fearful of driving in snow and ice while one in four were nervous to drive in the dark.

It is hoped the new system will install confidence in road users which will lead to fewer accidents.

Ian McIntosh, CEO of RED Driving School has also welcomed the proposals which will help those suffering from a “lack of experience” on the roads.

He said: “The new proposed driving lesson format supports RED’s view of helping drivers of all ages to develop their skills behind the wheel.

“Young people are often blamed for causing road traffic accidents, but in reality, these are driven by a lack of experience rather than age.

“Ensuring all new drivers are comfortable driving in adverse conditions, such as wet weather, late at night or on rural roads can only help to build confidence and provide a realistic picture of what driving year-round entails.”

Published at Tue, 08 Dec 2020 08:41:00 +0000