Driving with a dog in this area ‘would breach Highway Code’ and invalidate car insurance

Driving with a dog in this area ‘would breach Highway Code’ and invalidate car insurance

Car insurance companies may decide to axe your cover for letting a dog near the front of the car as this would breach the terms of the highway code and could risk penalty points. This is because pets should be restrained inside a vehicle at all times to avoid them distracting the driver or other road users. 

Allowing a pet to walk freely around a car could be considered driving without due care and attention which could lead to devastating consequences. 

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Greg Wilson, expert at car insurance comparison site QuiteZone confirmed the drastic rule which could see insurers terminate agreements. 

He said: “When you’re travelling with your dog you might be tempted to let your pet ride upfront with you to keep you company. 

“But doing so would breach the highway code and also runs the risk of penalty points if you’re deemed to be ‘driving without due care and attention’. 

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In some severe cases, motorists can even be issued charges for dangerous driving which could see fines increase. 

If a case goes to court motorists may be instructed to pay up to £5,000 for breaching the offence.  

Car insurance companies could blame a pet for distracting you behind the wheel and causing a collision even if this wasn’t the case. 

Analysis from SEAT has revealed many motorists are still unaware of the simple rules around travelling with their pet.

Their research found over one-third of drivers with a dog were unaware of any rules regarding travelling inside vehicles. 

A staggering nine out of ten motorists were not aware breaking the law could result in a charge as high as £5,000.

Research also revealed one-fifth of road users admit to not restraining their dogs while they are behind the wheel. 

This means potentially millions of British drivers are flouting the law with no idea of the serious consequences if they are caught.

Neil Griggs, spokesperson for SEAT UK said: “Motorists still need to make sure they’re keeping their dogs safe while travelling too, and finding comfortable and secure in-car pet accessories to properly restrain pets is as important as using your own seat belt.”

Experts at the RAC saus motorists should use a good quality harness or crate guard to keep their animal safe when in a vehicle. 

Restraining animals will not only protect drivers but could also be vital in the welfare and health of the animal. 

According to the RAC, dogs should never be allowed to hang out of the window as this could put your pet at serious risk. 

They say vets have witnessed animals suffer horrific injuries after hitting a passing vehicle while animals peer out of the window.

Published at Tue, 05 May 2020 07:42:00 +0000