DVLA number plate valuation guide – your plate could be sold second hand for £600,000

DVLA number plate valuation guide – your plate could be sold second hand for £600,000

The group says some numbers have more appeal than others with the number one usually boasting the highest prices. 

Numbers also help raise the value of a plate if these relate to high-end vehicles such as an Aston Martin or Ferrari. 

For example, plates which spell out BMW or TVR are more likely to be sold than random designs as these will appeal to owners of the cars. 

The most expensive number plate ever sold in a DVLA auction was “25 O” which sold for £500,000 in August 2014. 

However, this plate was a reference to Ferrari’s luxurious 250 GTO sportswear designed in the 1960s. 

Values could also increase due to the history of a registration plate and many classic car owners bid for designs which reflect the age of their model. 

National Numbers also claims some number plate series are more popular than others due to whether they lend themselves well to word combinations. 

The group picked out the 11 and 15 plate series as the most notable as the numbers are similar to the letters L, I or S. 

Number plate experts Click4Reg said number plates which spell out popular names are highly sought after and could sell for a high price. 

Primo Registrations say dateless plates used before 1963 are some of the most popular and rare. 

Dateless designs can be used by classic car owners to disguise the age of their car with experts saying the designs can seat from £500 at least. 

Analysis from the DVLA found 69 percent of motorists would buy a personalised number plate because of a personal connection. 

A total of 17 percent said they would do so for investment reasons by snapping up unique designs to sell on for a higher price. 

More than 330,000 private plates are sold by the DVLA each year in a business which has generated over £2billion to the Treasury over the past 30 years. 

The Guide to the Value of Car Registrations 

  • New style registrations £150-£4,999: e.g. NA51 USA – £350
  • Triple letter combinations with suffix year letters £199-£6,999: e.g. SUE 694R – £1,599
  • Triple letter combinations with prefix year letters £199-£6,599: e.g. G4 ABC – £1,099
  • Triple letter suffix combinations without year letters £499-£60,000: e.g. 4 JGM – £6,999
  • Triple letter prefix combinations without year letters £699-£75,000: e.g. BPS 2 – £8,599
  • Double letter suffix combinations £699-£150,000: e.g. 6 WO – £30,999
  • Double letter prefix combinations £799-£200,000: e.g. VN 442 – £2,199
  • Single letter suffix combinations £1,599-£500,000: e.g. 4763 C – £3,999
  • Single letter suffix combinations £1,799-£600,000: e.g. A 247 – £15,599

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