DVLA warning: Motorists set to face ‘significant delays’ for these vital applications

DVLA warning: Motorists set to face ‘significant delays’ for these vital applications

DVLA chiefs have taken to social media warning drivers of the delays because key workers are prioritised. The agency has urged road users to use online services instead of calling the hotline.

Motorists are also being asked to not send in any paper applications until further notice amid the crisis. 

Posting a warning on twitter, the DVLA warned motorists may need to wait longer for key services. 

The statement said: “There are significant delays in processing applications and returning ID documents, please bear with us and do not contact us for an update.”

It is believed the delay is because HGV drivers and key workers are being prioritised to keep the nation moving. 

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However, social media users have attacked the DVLA with some arguing it was “unreasonable “ to hold information.

Emma Sutherland tweeted: “Are you processing paper applications submitted prior to lockdown? 

“I do understand the delay, but it’s quite unreasonable to indefinitely hold foreign identity documents with no update or timeline.”

Another motorist claimed they submitted information in the model of March and had “not heard anything” since. 

One social media user claimed he had sent documents to the agency on March 17 and had received “no updates” despite being a key worker. 

The DVLA have confirmed they are also facing delays issuing driving licence renewals for motorists with a medical condition. 

This was because NHS staff have been unable to provide the DVLA with information they need to make decisions on whether a licence should be granted. 

The DVLA says providing road users have a current driving licence and have not been told they cannot drive, they will still be able to use their vehicles for the time being. 

This will be until the DVLA can process the new application and make a consideration on  your suitability to be behind the wheel. 

However, the DVLA says motorists must meet minimum medical standards and drivers must ensure they are fit to drive. 

All drivers must inform the DVLA if a medical condition gets worse or may be issued heavy fines if they are caught out by police officers. 

DVLA experts confirmed vehicle tax refunds will be processed but have urged road users to avoid common scams. 

Motorists have recently taken to social media to warn of fraudulent text messages where road users are sent a link and urged to input personal details.

Published at Tue, 28 Apr 2020 14:02:00 +0000