DWP XB meaning: What does DWP XB mean and why has it come up on my bank statement?

DWP XB meaning: What does DWP XB mean and why has it come up on my bank statement?

DWP XB will be paid to millions of people this week. The extra bonus payment should be in people’s accounts by Christmas Eve and is entirely tax-free. Despite the changes seen to many benefits throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the Government confirmed the payment would still be made this year. But what does DWP XB actually mean and why has it come up on your bank statement?

What is DWP XB payment?

Many benefit claimants will notice DWP XB on their bank statements in the coming weeks.

DWP XB means the Department for Work and Pensions Christmas Bonus.

Benefit claimants around the UK will receive this one-off boost this Christmas.

The festive season can be a difficult period for many and so the Christmas bonus is usually very welcome.

Millions of people around the country qualify for the extra payment which will be paid this week.

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How does the Christmas Bonus work for couples?

Benefit claimant couples where both individuals receive the qualifying benefits will each receive a Christmas Bonus payment.

However, if one of the pair does not receive a qualifying benefit, they may still get the Christmas Bonus if both the following apply:

  • You are both above State Pension age by the end of the qualifying week
  • Your partner or civil partner was also present in the qualifying locations during the qualifying week.

And if either of the following applies:

  • You are entitled to an increase of a qualifying benefit for your partner or civil partner
  • The only qualifying benefit you receive is Pension Credit.

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How to get the Christmas Bonus

The Christmas Bonus is automatically paid into the bank accounts of eligible claimants.

The payment should be paid into bank accounts by Christmas Eve at the latest.

However, if you have not received this payment but believe you should, you should contact the Jobcentre Plus office or pension centre which deals with your payments.

Published at Mon, 07 Dec 2020 11:22:00 +0000