EastEnders’ Ben to take the fall for Kheerat’s crime to save Callum from prison?

EastEnders’ Ben to take the fall for Kheerat’s crime to save Callum from prison?

During Tuesday’s EastEnders, the Panesar family were overcome with grief as they finally laid Jags (played by Amar Adatia) to rest. As the family gathered around Jags’ coffin, it all got too much for Kheerat (Jaskiranjit Singh Deol) and he stormed off. Kheerat still has no idea that Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) had something to do with his brother’s death and he seeks revenge on Ben’s ex-boyfriend Paul’s (Jonny Labey) killer as a way of repaying him for trying to keep Jags protected in prison.

Paul was killed in 2016 after he and Ben were targets of a homophobic attack.

Ben may have moved on and is married to Callum Highway (Tony Clay), but he has been reliving the brutal incident since he discovered Paul’s killer, Simon Atmore, was being released from prison and allowed back into society.

Ever since, Ben has been hellbent on getting revenge on the man that killed Paul and he doesn’t seem to care about the consequences.

Despite Callum pleading with his husband not to do anything stupid, Ben won’t listen to anyone – even his dad Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

At the beginning of Tuesday’s instalment, Kheerat spoke with Ben in the café and told him if it wasn’t for his brother’s funeral he would go and pay Simon a visit.

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“Out of jail 25 years early,” Kheerat told him. “Some people don’t get to walk out of there at all.”

“Well, midday today,” Ben explained as he let slip his plan to see Simon. “He’s going to know how it feels.”

Meanwhile, Callum paid a visit to Phil to try and persuade him to talk to his son.

At first, Phil didn’t want to know as he told Callum: “I’ve got enough on my plate.”

Callum ignored Phil’s admission as he continued: “One of those geezers who killed Paul, he’s out of prison.

He continued: “He had his conviction reduced and I got his number and now Ben has tracked him down.

“He’s going to find him anyway, alright? I just thought if me and him did it together then…”

“So, you got him into this mess,” Phil interrupted. “And now you want me to get you out of it.”

Callum replied: “Not me, Phil, him. He’s not listening. You’re the only one who can get through to him.”

“If you can’t talk him out of it then go with him,” Callum pleaded as Phil said: “What, so we all get nicked?”

Callum proceeded to plead with Phil to help him with Ben despite him telling Callum to “sort it out himself”.




In the end, Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) convinced Phil to go and help his son.

Elsewhere, Kheerat is dealing with the grief of losing Jags and midway through saying goodbye to his brother, he stormed off.

He later admitted to his sister Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) in the Square that he felt guilty about Jags’ death.

“There’s somewhere I have to be,” he told his sister as he set out to find Simon, who was waiting outside the gym waiting for his probation officer.

As Kheerat and Simon came face-to-face, Kheerat simply asked: “Simon Atmore?”

“Didn’t even know if the suit would still fit,” Simon replied assuming Kheerat was his probation officer.

Simon began to look worried as he came to the realisation Kheerat was not his probation officer.



Towards the end of the episode, Kheerat came into Ben and Callum’s house with blood on his fists.

“How does that guy walk out of prison and my brother doesn’t?” Kheerat asked them.

As he wiped the blood off his hands, a worried Ben said: “Kheerat, tell me you haven’t?”

“You did what you could for Jags,” he replied. “And I pay my debts.”

A row then broke out as Callum aired his worries about getting found out because he was the one who got Simon’s number from work.

Turning to Kheerat he said: “If you don’t go down for this, I will.”

Will Ben take the fall for his husband, especially after he betrayed Kheerat by lying about Jags’ protection in prison?

EastEnders returns on Thursday at 7.35pm on BBC One.

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