EE customers just got the Amazon Echo upgrade they’ve been calling for

EE customers just got the Amazon Echo upgrade they’ve been calling for

EE customers are now able to make and receive calls from their Alexa-enabled smart home kit. Until now, this feature was reserved for Vodafone RED customers, which rolled out the functionality to Amazon Echo smart speakers across the UK last summer. But now EE pay monthly customers are able to join in the fun.

Sometimes calls come in at the most inconvenient times – you could be in the middle of washing up the dishes, baking, or in the middle of a particularly tense fistfight in Super Smash Bros. on your Nintendo Switch. The ability to route the call through any nearby Alexa-powered devices could be hugely helpful.

Best of all, making a call from your Echo won’t cost you any more than simply picking up your EE mobile. That’s because any phone calls made via an Amazon Echo will count towards your usual monthly allowance.

Contacts will be synced between your EE smartphone and your Amazon Echo, so chatty AI assistant Alexa will be able to tell you exactly who is calling.

For example, Alexa will say “incoming call from mum” when she’s calling. To take the call – and frankly, this close to Mother’s Day you really cannot afford to send her to voicemail – you can say “Alexa, answer” to start the call through their Alexa device.


Crucially, you’ll be able to answer the call – or make them – from the Amazon Echo even if your phone isn’t nearby or has run out of battery.

EE customers’ smartphone and their Alexa device will ring simultaneously when someone calls, so you’ll have the option to answer on either devices when at home. If you don’t have a contact or local business in your mobile phone address book, you’ll still be able to speak the full mobile or landline number out loud to Alexa to initiate the call.

If you’re currently on EE and own an Amazon Echo or Alexa-enabled device, simply text “Alexa” to 150 to start the set-up. Or, if you’d like to read the full terms and conditions around the service, head to

EE Director of Partnerships, Devices & Business Development, Sharon Meadows said: “We’re always looking for ways to offer customers exciting new products and experiences, and by working with Amazon we’re enabling them to make and receive mobile calls hands-free on their Alexa devices for the first time.

“We’re creating one converged, smart network to keep our customers seamlessly connected to their friends, family and the things that matter most.”

“Customers use Alexa every day to help them stay connected with loved ones around the world,” said Brian Oliver, Director of Alexa Communications. “Today, in collaboration with EE, we are thrilled that customers are now able to make and receive EE calls with Alexa, making it even easier to stay in touch.”

The partnership with Amazon doesn’t end there. EE offers a range of Amazon Echo devices through its network of brick-and-mortar EE stores. Pay monthly mobile customers can choose a device and spread the cost over 11 months with Add to Plan, interest-free – they just pay with their phone bill. Plus, if they buy any Amazon Echo device from EE, they’ll receive a £20 discount off their next purchase from a selection of EE’s smart home range.

Published at Wed, 18 Mar 2020 05:31:00 +0000