Elvis Presley girlfriends: Who is Ginger Alden? Were they engaged?

Elvis Presley girlfriends: Who is Ginger Alden? Were they engaged?

Elvis Presley was known as quite a lothario in his life following the break down in his marriage to Priscilla Presley. One of his later girlfriends, Ginger Alden, has spoken out about their relationship, and her discovery of his body on his death. She has also claimed the pair were engaged and has become of great interest to fans since The King’s death.

Who is Ginger Alden?

Elvis Presley began dating actress Ginger Alden in the later months of his life, after he broke up with Linda Thompson and Mindi Miller.

Presley and Alden got together in 1976, the year Presley died.

By the time Elvis had started dating Alden, rumours circulated that his health was deteriorating and he had gained a great deal of weight.


Alden has spoken out about their time together, claiming the pair were engaged and had sex in their short relationship.

She has also tried to dispel rumours about Elvis’ final months.

In 2019 she spoke to Inside Edition about her book, Elvis and Ginger: Elvis Presley’s Fiancée and Last Love Finally Tells Her Story, during which time she said: “I went forward with my life. I worked, I got married, had my son.

“And in the course of this, a lot of untruths were being said regarding mine and Elvis’ relationship, a lot of exaggerations.”

Alden said she and Presley were very happy, in contrast to rumours claiming they “argued a lot.”

Speaking about the state of Elvis’ health towards the end, Alden said: “There are things that I’ve seen in books and I’ve said, this wasn’t what I witnessed.

“This wasn’t the person I loved. This wasn’t how he was those last nine months, and I was with him 98 per cent of the time.

“He had asked me to move into Graceland but I never did and he said, ‘I respect you for that.’ I just didn’t at the time. It wasn’t my way.

“I was up there pretty much every day and I think the portrayal — the image of him — has been really unfair.”

Some suggested Presley gained a huge amount of weight in his later years, about which Alden said: “Elvis was not someone sitting up and gorging on — he could be compulsive sometimes when eating certain food.

“I never once saw him eat the famous fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

“He was never bored, he didn’t act down. We laughed, we watched television, played the organ in his room…

“Sometimes we went out and rode his three-wheelers, we went motorcycling.”

Of course, Alden is best known as the person to find Presley’s body on his death, about which she said she “froze” in shock.

Elvis had a huge number of women in his life, though there are also many men who affected him, including his father Vernon, manager Colonel Tom Parker, and his friendship group of employees known as the Memphis Mafia.

He was also friends with singer Tom Jones, though it has been reported the singer did not have many close friends at all as he rose to fame.

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