‘EU doesn’t get it!’ Bill Cash explodes at Brussels in furious Brexit deal rant

‘EU doesn’t get it!’ Bill Cash explodes at Brussels in furious Brexit deal rant

The EU‘s fury over Britain’s controversial internal market bill has been dismissed by Conservative MP, Sir Bill Cash. The Chair of the European Scrutiny Committee was questioning Paymaster General Penny Mordaunt over the union’s legal challenge to the bill. Sir Bill said the UK will “achieve full independence” either way at the end of the Brexit transition period.

He told the committee: “The reality is apparent to many on all sides of the equation.

“The issue of how far the question of sovereignty extends is very important indeed.

“In 2017 when negotiations were starting up, we made our point clear in this committee about the manner in which we were dissatisfied with the way in which the negotiations were then being conducted.

“Then we realised there were two principles that the EU continuously assert and then put into practice.”

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Sir Bill continued: “One is that we must never be allowed to compete effectively with the EU.

“That’s point number one, a cardinal principle.

“The second thing is that for all their words in the documentation on the withdrawal agreement and the protocol regarding sovereignty, they simply neither get, nor want to get, nor appear to be prepared to concede that when we leave, we leave as a sovereign nation.

“In the words of Lord David Frost, we achieve full independence.”

Ms Mordaunt told the committee: “I think in addition to the Government’s view, many have pointed to the fact that the EU has struggled to treat the United Kingdom as a sovereign equal in certain aspects of these negotiations.

“Indeed we must ensure that not just at the end of the transition period but also looking further down the line that our sovereignty is fully protected and restored.

“We want to conclude issues, we do not want them to be roaming on, we do not want to debates to be opened up or challenges brought against arrangements that have been settled.

“That is why we are doing all parties in this negotiation a favour by being blunt about ensuring the outcome we get reflects that sovereignty.

“That is what the British people voted for, that is what they want to see, whether they supported to the original referendum result or not.”

Published at Mon, 05 Oct 2020 17:26:00 +0000