Extinction Rebellion MOCKED over blocking climate change article from being printed

Extinction Rebellion MOCKED over blocking climate change article from being printed

Climate change activists targeted printing presses in Broxbourne Hertfordshire, and Knowsley, close to Liverpool on Saturday morning. The protests on Saturday halted the printing of The Sun, The Times, The Sun on Sunday and The Sunday Times. However, counter to their intent, the protests also stopped a climate change article featuring Sir David Attenborough from being widely circulated.

The piece in The Sun included the climate change icon, Sir David Attenborough, commenting that humanity is at a crossroads.

Sir David also talks about his support for the group while telling readers what must be done to protect the planet.

Due to this, some on Twitter criticised the group for stopping the circulation of the article on climate change.

One person wrote: “Own goal in many ways, I fear.

“Also wrong in principle.”

Another said: “I have great sympathy with their aims but their tactics are often ludicrously self-defeating.”

A third said: “Oh the irony.”

A fourth said: “What these people don’t understand by shutting down free speech/opinion means that they have lost the argument already.”

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The group claimed the protests were done as the media is controlled by a select few people.

Extinction Rebellion activist Gully Bujak, 27, said: “You cannot have a functioning democracy with a mainstream media that is ruled by a small, unrepresentative sect of society, who are in bed with politicians and the fossil fuel industry.

“The climate emergency is an existential threat to humanity. Instead of publishing this on the front page every day as it deserves, much of our media ignores the issue and some actively sow seeds of climate denial.

Published at Sat, 05 Sep 2020 22:14:00 +0000