Dogecoin to the Moon!

Elon Musk’s Personal Favorite Dogecoin, How to Buy it as the Price Goes Up!

The price of Dogecoin rose by around 20% on Sunday after a cryptic tweet by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

On Saturday, Dogecoin was priced at around $0.061, but that shot to $0.078 in a matter of 24 hours, according to CoinDesk’s real-time price tracker.

The surge came after a tweet from Musk that said “… going to moon very soon.” The slogan “to the moon” is used to describe a major cryptocurrency price rally.

Where to Buy Dogecoin
There are several ways to buy and hold Dogecoin, including via cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, Kraken and Bittrex as well as through the stock app Robinhood.

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