Ferrari ‘can hear the anger’ as ‘disgusted’ caller rages at Hammond – ‘cut the b******t’

Ferrari ‘can hear the anger’ as ‘disgusted’ caller rages at Hammond – ‘cut the b******t’

The former Tory frontbencher today presented his proposals to solve the pressing political impasse. But Daniel, an LBC caller, told Nick Ferrari he found the move “wholly unacceptable” to which the LBC host said he could “hear the anger” in the Brexiteer’s voice. Clearly frustrated by the former Chancellor’s behaviour, the radio caller shouted: “I’m disgusted by people like Hammond. If he was on public transport I would move carriages because I think the way that he’s behaved and people like him is truly and wholly unacceptable.

“The only way you’ll ever get the EU to negotiate clearly is by leaving first and then negotiate. That cuts the BS, it sharpens the resolve.

“It stops this whole kind of ‘you can’t leave, you can’t do this’. There is a video of Guy Verhofstadt saying to Barnier we are going to weaponise the Irish border.

“And that’s exactly what they’ve done. If you go online now, you can find it yourself.

“‘Let’s weaponise the Irish border’, ‘they will never leave’, ‘Haha, we will keep them in forever’.

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“And that’s exactly what they’ve done.”

He added: “There is no such thing as no deal either. No deal doesn’t exist because the day that we leave we’ll make small interim mini deals to keep the status quo.”

Mr Hammond, who quit as Chancellor when Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, outlined his Brexit proposals to resolve the current political impasse and claimed Brexiteers should give up on their dream to trade with the rest of the world. 

He looked to estimates from the Treasury and the National Institute of Economic and Social Research which found that striking trade deals with English-speaking countries, including the US, would only increase GDP by less than 0.2-0.4 percent by 2030.

He said: “We all know these trade deals are of very limited potential value and likely to be very hard to negotiate without serious domestic economic and political consequences”.

He also launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal and said Brexiteers voted for a “smooth and orderly exit”.

He told Daily Telegraph: “People voted for a Brexit with a smooth and orderly exit to a close and special partnership, but the no-deal would deliver the exact opposite of that.

“A no deal Brexit is an act of self-harm, and the threat of self-harm is never a credible negotiating tactic.

“A no deal Brexit would cause immense damage to the economy and to living standards and I think it would destroy that reputation overnight.”

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Instead, Mr Hammond, who lost the party whip when he backed the Benn Act last month, urged Brussels to agree on a zero-tariff trade deal which would scrap the need for an Irish backstop.

This would mean Britain is forced to follow the rules which govern the EU’s single market for goods and “level playing field” rules on social, environmental and state aid regulations.

Mr Hammond said this would result in low-friction regulatory borders and no customs borders at Dover-Calais and the Irish Sea.

It would also include a 12-month “break clause” which would allow Parliament to make the decision to walk away from the deal in just a year.

He added: “This addresses the main criticism by the Brexiteers of the UK-wide backstop while being acceptable to the EU because Northern Ireland remains in the backstop, even if UK were to terminate.”

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