Fishing OUTRAGE: UK fishermen rage at EU boats in British waters – ‘Justice is coming!’

Fishing OUTRAGE: UK fishermen rage at EU boats in British waters – ‘Justice is coming!’

Fishing is fast-emerging as one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the upcoming post-Brexit free trade negotiations between the UK and European Union, which Boris Johnson wants to be finalised before the end of the transition period in December. Brussels is insisting on access to British waters, but the Prime Minister has stood firm and raged Britain will “take back control of our fishing”.

Campaign group Fishing For Leave has lashed out at EU fishermen for complaints from the UK over their boats fishing in British waters close to coastal areas, as well as rules around fishing quotas.

UK fishermen have been left furious after EU boats were spotted fishing off the coast in British waters, and Fishing For Leave has released images taken from the Marine Traffic website to highlight this.

Fishing For Leave’s Arron Brown described EU fishermen as being “full of anger, tears, snotters and self-pity” but claimed they have “fiddled the EU Relative Stability Quotas” to claim “grossly inflated shares” of fish.

The campaign group has raged: “Fishing For Leave were uncompromising to complaints made to them by EU fishermen, that they were merely doing what is legal, fishing close to Britain for shelter, and that the British government implemented a domestic allocation of quota that saw consolidation of quota into a few big companies hands.

“With FFL replying to them ‘We don’t give a monkey about their excuses on weather – you fish close to Britain all year whether it is wind rain or shine out there’”.

“If you don’t like bad weather why are a fleet of you off the northwest of Scotland?

“No one’s arguing successive Governments buggered domestic allocations with an FQA system that has driven consolidation to a few big companies – many of them EU Flagships.

“Justice is coming…the whole lot of you on the continent built an EU industry on the back of a rigged CFP.

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One picture, released by Fishing For Leave from the Marine Traffic website, shows several boats located in British waters off the coast of Cornwall.

Another image shows more than a dozen being tracked off Shetland.

A third image details two Spanish fishing vessels – Akillamendi Berria and Breogan Uno – as well as the French trawler Helitrope – just west of the Cape Wrath Lighthouse, which is the most North-Westerly point on the British mainland.

Fishing For Leave claimed UK fishermen say the pictures are “yet another shameful example of the CFP giving unfettered access for EU boats to fish Britain’s waters”.

The campaign group said: “The local Cornish fleet is ashore for weather, yet a fleet of bigger French boats scrape the local Cornish grounds! A repeat of the daily pillage right round Britain Fishing for Leave says must end!”

The campaign group has again demanded Boris Johnson take immediate action, pleading with him to follow through with his pledge of not “trading away” fishing in any post-Brexit trade deal with the EU.

Published at Wed, 12 Feb 2020 14:01:00 +0000