Flight attendant reveals the most annoying thing passengers can do onboard

Flight attendant reveals the most annoying thing passengers can do onboard

Passengers can be either a joy or a nuisance for cabin crew when working. Flight attendants are on hand to ensure passengers have a safe and comfortable flight, though there are times when some travellers make the job increasingly difficult for staff.

One anonymous cabin crew member revealed the one move some passengers make that ruins her shift at work.

“I never mind giving people snacks! Just ask when we do the service… I hated people always ringing their call bell,” she shared in a Reddit forum.

“There was an international flight that had a little kid playing with the bell button so on this particular plane we could disable the alert noise and just ignore it… when one flight attendant went through the cabin a man stopped her and yelled [at her].”

The call bell is available for passengers to use if they need urgent help from a crew member.

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Instead, passengers are told that if they want to ask for something simple like a snack or second beverage they should “go to the galley”.

The timing of pressing the call bell is also a point of contention amongst airline workers.

Previously, flight attendant Annette Long, who has worked in the industry for 13 years, pointed out that there is a right and wrong way to utilise the function.

She said that of course the call button can be used, but it really depends on the reason.

“We don’t like when you use it after we’ve just walked through the aisle,” she said.

“This happens all the time. We’ve just walked through three times picking up trash, and I’m barely back to the galley, and I hear ‘ding dong.’

“And I go up there and you just want to hand me your trash.”

She said the times to “absolutely use it” is if you begin to feel unwell, suffer from an illness that needs immediate assistance, or are looking for help during a time when the fasten seat belts sign is illuminated.

If seat belts do not need to be fastened, passengers are free to venture to the galley to seek assistance from staff.

However, some passengers have argued back against these rules.

Speaking on BBC Radio One, one traveller pointed out that if they pay for a ticket, they feel entitled to use the call bell.

“All these flight attendants giving it the big one here, we’ve paid our money to be on the flight, if I want to ‘ding’ for a drink I’ll ‘ding’ until my heart is content,” said one furious caller.

Published at Mon, 21 Sep 2020 16:41:18 +0000