Flight passengers call for action as woman disgusts with ‘awful’ behaviour on a plane

Flight passengers call for action as woman disgusts with ‘awful’ behaviour on a plane

Flight passengers all have one aim – to get to the same destination – yet many have very different methods of passing the time before touching down. Some simply decide to get a good pre holiday snooze, while others read, natter or watch films. One particular female passenger, perhaps eager to get as comfy as possible, outraged fellow travellers with her conduct. Her brazen behaviour sparked calls for flight attendants to intervene on the grounds of public health.

Her antics were captured and shared to Instagram site, Passenger Shaming, where the snap was uploaded with the caption: “Passenger Shaming Level: Epic.”

It showed a woman evidently lying across the airplane seats, with her bare feet on the plane wall by the window.

Her toes looked a little messy, while the tops of her feet were covered in plasters.

The shock scene attracted 6460 likes from Instagram users but in the comments section, many were outraged.

One called for intervention and wrote: “Flight attendant should have said something to her.

“This is horrible, it’s also hazardous to others that now put their hands on that seat!

“No telling what germs or bacteria etc they are sharing.”

Another put: “Exactly why I treat every single square inch of an airplane as if it were an Ebola outbreak!”

A third commented: “Ewwwwwww,” as another surmised: “Bilbo Baggins feet….awful.”

It remains to be seen whether any aircraft staff asked her to take her feet off the wall, or if the female spent the rest of the flight in the same position.

In a completely separate, yet similar, incident, a female passenger was spotted giving her friend a pedicure.

The lady appeared to have been pressed for time prior to her holiday, perhaps forgetting to book in for a pedicure beforehand. The prospect of a flip flop filled vacation may well have prompted her to ask her mate for a hand during an in-flight manicure, all captured on camera.

A video posted to Instagram account PassengerShaming shows her friend diligently filing the hard skin off her foot as they take to the skies.

What’s more, she was letting the shreds of skin fall into her lap as she showed her true friendship.

The clip, which proceeded to disgust many viewers, has 474,468 views to date.

Published at Thu, 20 Jun 2019 19:33:00 +0000