Flight secrets: Cabin crew reveal they will use this secret code word if they fancy you

Flight secrets: Cabin crew reveal they will use this secret code word if they fancy you

Cabin crew have a huge responsibility of looking after passengers and often speak in code to each other when they don’t want others to hear what they are talking about. Planes are a confined space and one flight attendant has revealed what they are really talking about when they speak in code.

For example if you are sitting in the seat 7D on a flight, you might overhear the attendants quietly saying: “I might do seven days in Denmark next week?”

James explained that different airlines and different cabin crew will obviously all have their own words for recognising an attractive passenger but this is not uncommon.

They will usually include the number of your seat as the number of days in another country.

This will then be followed by a country beginning with the same letter of your seat.

Flight attendants are well known to have immaculate uniform, neat hair and perfect makeup.

Passengers often take their makeup off on a flight as the air pressure can cause harm to the skin.

However, many may top their makeup up when a flight is about to land.

The phrase ‘landing lips’ is used when someone puts a full face of makeup on before the plane lands.

The term ‘lips and tips’ refers to a flight attendant who’s wearing matching lipstick and nail colour.

Cabin crew say this is a subtle reminder that even in the middle of a stressful day of flying, they have to look put together.

A gallery is essentially the airplane kitchen. This is where flight attendants prepare meals, drinks, and set up other services for the cabin according to Airportag.

A ‘gallery queen’ is a slang term for a flight attendant who is particularly territorial over this area and does not like other people intruding in their space while they are working in it.

Published at Wed, 20 May 2020 04:33:00 +0000