Flight secrets: The best seat on a plane to choose for comfort and to avoid a bumpy flight

Flight secrets: The best seat on a plane to choose for comfort and to avoid a bumpy flight

Plane seats can vary in price when booking a flight depending on whereabouts they are positioned in the plane. Passengers all have different needs and wants but it has been revealed what the best position on the plane is for a comfortable ride and to avoid turbulence.

59 percent of them answered that the best seat was the window seat.

Another 38 percent said that they preferred the aisle seat so their movement was less restricted and they could get up easy.

Only 3 percent indicated that the middle seat was their favourite.

Those who chose the window seat tended to be more nervous fliers and gave them reassurance and comfort by looking out of the window.

The further you sit away from the wings, the more noticeable the bumps will be.

One former flight attendant suggested sitting in another particular place on the plane to avoid turbulence, which can make flying feel more enjoyable and safer.

Former EasyJet cabin crew member known as Matt, explained that sitting at the front of the plane is the best place to avoid a bumpy flight which can then potentially help those who suffer from motion sickness too.

However he explained how anywhere between the front and middle is the most recommended and people at the back will be more likely to feel the air pockets.

Extra legroom at the front of the plane may help those who want more comfort as they can have more room to move and can also avoid feeling the bumpy patches on the flight.

Children are also not allowed to be in the emergency exits which may improve people’s overall experience when flying too as it may be more quieter.

It is recommended that to claim the desired seating choice, customers should book the seat in advance to avoid missing out.

Published at Tue, 07 Jul 2020 04:00:00 +0000