Flight secrets: The WORST UK airport for airport service revealed – where is it?

Flight secrets: The WORST UK airport for airport service revealed – where is it?

Flight passengers often like to make their airport arrival the start of their holiday, before even stepping foot on a plane. Those about to take off for their dream holiday may fancy kick starting their vacation vibes with a pint at the airport bar, or picking up some Duty Free treats to enjoy. Others perhaps plump to swerve dubious airplane flight meals with a hearty feast prior to embarking. Yet in information which is bound to prove hugely useful to travellers, the best and worst UK terminals to enjoy a pre-flight potter have now been revealed.

AirHelp surveyed 1,000 UK travellers aged between 16 to 86, on specific details based on airport service.

They ranked these on a scale of one to five, with one being poor and five very good.

Out of the eight shortlisted airports, London Stansted fared the worst.

The hub scored a total 3.85 out of five, which may not seem too bad, but it was poor enough to place it bottom of the pile.

London’s third largest airport did not impress on either food options, security waiting times or cleanliness.

Talking of the findings, a spokesperson exclusively told Express.co.uk: “London Stansted recently experienced its busiest year and it seems like flyers are feeling the strain.

“The airport was ranked the least favourable airport for Brits with an approval rating of only 3.8/5.

“It ranked the lowest for security waiting times (3.7/5) with only two-thirds rating it good or somewhat good.

“Not only that, but respondents also claim it has the worst food options and lacks cleanliness.”

Meanwhile, tipping the other end of the scale was London’s busiest airport, Heathrow.

It clocked up a score of 4.09 out of a possible five, excelling in many of the categories.

The spokesperson added: “Respondents claim it has the best shopping options (4.23/5) with over 80 per cent claiming they are somewhat good or very good.

“Over 42 per cent say that the food options available are very good, scoring the highest ranking of all airports in the UK at 4.14/5.

“It seems that one of the only gripes respondents have with Heathrow is security waiting times with nearly 15 per cent of people claiming they are somewhat bad or very bad.

“Along with a great selection of stores and eateries, visitors can also browse esteemed works of art including paintings, drawings, sculptures at the T5 Gallery.”

Published at Sat, 23 Feb 2019 06:01:00 +0000