Flights: Beat jet lag by drinking this after a flight

Flights: Beat jet lag by drinking this after a flight

Jet lag occurs because crossing multiple time zones puts your internal clock out of sync with the time in your new destination. It is worse when you cross over more than two time zones, especially when travelling to an area that is hours ahead or behind. But there are many ways you can help beat it and drinking this may help.

“To mitigate this, drink water early and often. Carry a squirt bottle or cup of water with you always to remind yourself to drink.”

Dehydration can worsen the effects of jet lag, and so drinking plenty of water before, during and after your flight is essential.

However, it has been advised by many airport insiders never to drink tap water onboard an aircraft.

According to Healthline, recent testing found the tap water on airplanes to be unsanitary and the quality varies greatly between different airlines.

Jay Robert, flight attendant and founder or Fly Guy confirmed that even the cabin crew do not drink the water onboard.

He said: “I have even spoken to other crew who have become very sick after drinking hot beverages from an aircraft.

“But it’s not just about the aircraft’s tanks or pipes,” Jay added. “The flight you are on from London or Los Angeles might just have returned from an underdeveloped country that wouldn’t have the same high sanitation levels as the country you are in now.”

Therefore although drinking water will help you overcome jet lag, making sure it is filtered and bottled is essential in order to stay well.

Published at Wed, 08 Jul 2020 04:36:00 +0000