Flights: Passengers call for ‘walk of shame’ for one traveller’s public mess

Flights: Passengers call for ‘walk of shame’ for one traveller’s public mess

Air travel means often long journey times in close quarters with all manner of people. In fact, those who share the cabin can be the difference between a dream flight and a nightmare all based on their behaviour.

However, it seems everyone has different perceptions about what kind of thing is acceptable in public and what is not.

Travellers were left in “disbelief” after a flight attendant snapped a photograph of a messy scene she returned to the galley to find.

The image was shared on Instagram account @PassengerShaming, explaining: “Flight attendant leaves galley to do meal/beverage service — returns to THIS.”

In the image, the jump seat by an emergency exit door can be seen. It is this area where the crew usually sit for take-off and landing, as well as for their breaks.

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The image has currently amassed 279 comments, many of whom were reeling at the behaviour.

One commenter vented: “I can’t even comprehend how anyone would consider that as an option. I mean… props for creativity but what is going on in their minds?”

Another said: “Flying has gone into a very steep decline! Get some class people.”

One onlooker went so far as to describe the culprits as “animals”, adding: “That’s beyond savage.”

“I don’t know whether I’d lose it or actually laugh in disbelief,” said someone else.

Others pointed out that this was clearly an unexpected situation and the last resort for parents who needed to clean up their baby post-accident.

“A baby has obviously been sick and the parents tried to clean it. Not ideal to air dry. Agree. But this looks like a baby incident to me,” wrote one.

There were those who retaliated though, finding other solutions that did not include invading the flight attendant’s space.

“Put it in a plastic bag and use the trash. Throw that away,” said one commenter.

Others offered dream scenarios for how the flight attendant should have dealt with the laundry and its owner.

“Would have loved to hear the announcement form the FA ‘for the passenger who left their laundry in the back galley, please come pick it up. Thank you’”, said one.

Another advised: “FA should get on the speaker and announce to the whole plane ‘whoever did their laundry and hung it all up in the galley please come and remove it ASAP’. Let the other passengers see their walk of shame.”

Of course, the full backstory remains yet to be told, so it is unknown what came of the laundry and its owners.

Published at Wed, 08 Apr 2020 13:19:00 +0000