Flights: Passengers left disgusted by parent’s behaviour on board – is this ever okay?

Flights: Passengers left disgusted by parent’s behaviour on board – is this ever okay?

Travelling by plane is a lottery when it comes to seat selection. Ahead to time passengers never know who they may end up stuck in a cabin with for long periods of time, and it can leave travellers exposed to the less than favourable quirks of others.

On one flight passengers were left reeling after a parent decided to allow their child to do something “disgusting” in full view of the entire cabin.

The moment caused such a stir one person on board decided to snap an image, maybe to use as proof when recounting the tale in future.

In the photograph, the front of an aircraft cabin can be seen, with the camera pointing down at the carpeted floor.

It is what is on the floor, in plain sight of those around, that has left some less than impressed.

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A photo caption accompanies the image stating: “That time a parent used their CARRY ON POTTY in the public galley for their child to urinate in front of everyone…”

It seems the image has left some questioning the behaviour of others.

One commenter dubbed the moment “disgusting” saying: “Disgusting. Where are these parents parents?!?!”

They also pointed out the lack of necessity for this type of thing.

The commenter explained: “They make potty seat covers that can go on any regular sized toilet. Smaller than a training potty.”

Another parent added: “I am a mother and a grandmother, I have had plenty of experience with potty training!

“But if you are flying with a potty training tot you make allowances like have them wear Pull-Ups for the time of travel but don’t be bringing a potty seat on board for all to see your child wee!”

Others recounted similar experiences with children on board, unsure of whether the potty was a saviour in this situation or a foul move.

“Well, I watched parents clean a seat TWICE because their 6 year old couldn’t hold it and went in the seat… TWICE!” recalled one passenger.

However, others were quick to jump in with a different opinion.

Many felt the commenters were shaming a parent who was faced with the difficult situation of potty training a child while travelling long-haul.

One wrote: “If someone was using the toilet cubicle, the kiddo who is toilet training may be liable to have an accident….. Would you rather they pee on themselves / the floor?

“Or learn how to use the potty?

“Don’t f***ing shame a child and a parent trying to learn the ways of life. Shame on all of y’all.”

Another backed up the sentiment saying: “Oh my god toddlers being potty trained can’t hold it in!

“Shaming a toddler… shame on you!”

Published at Wed, 18 Mar 2020 09:05:00 +0000