Ford issues recall for more than 1,700 vehicles including this brand new model

Ford issues recall for more than 1,700 vehicles including this brand new model

Ford has confirmed over 1,700 vehicles are said to be affected across both models with the vehicles suffering completely different issues. The firm is expected to contact affected motorists with repairs likely to be free of charge to those that need them. 

Ford Transit Connect 

Ford has confirmed that over 1,600 Ford Transit Connect vehicles have been recalled for seat belt issues. 

In affected cars, the driver or passenger seat belt tensioners may not deploy correctly in the event of a crash. 

Ford says even if the primary locking function depolys as usual, motorists could still be put at risk if their pretensioner failed to deploy in an accident.

This failure could increase the risk of injury for those sitting in either front seat of the vehicles. 

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Ford Mustang 

Ford have also confirmed their brand new 2020 Ford Mustang supercar has also been recalled for a simple safety glitch. 

A total of 24 vehicles in the United States and one in Canada are thought to be affected. 

The damaged models were all built at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant between February 10 and 11 according to Ford. 

Affected models are equipped with a forward looking camera that is currently believed to be misaligned. 

Other Ford recalls

Ford’s latest recalls come justy a couple of weeks after they announced a call back on 40,000 vehicles across several model ranges in North America. 

A further recall was issued on more than 5,000 Transit Connect models after fears the roof could blow away. 

The roof may be fitted with an improper bond which could cause the vital part to separate from the vehicle. 

Although this will just lead to water leaks and wind noise under most circumstances, Ford could nor rule out the risk of breaking in severe cases. 

Onboard technology issues were also to blame for recalls on more than 25,000 Expedition and Navigator models. 

Updates will include reprogramming parts of the car including its ABS system and headlight control monitor.

Published at Sat, 30 May 2020 20:11:00 +0000