Ford issues three major safety recalls with 40,000 owners affected – is your model safe?

Ford issues three major safety recalls with 40,000 owners affected – is your model safe?

Ford has issued three separate safety recalls with risks ranging from cars unable to detect collisions to concerns a model’s roof could completely fall off. The four models affected are the Expedition, Navigator, Mustang and Transit Connect vehicles with a total of 41,955 vehicles set to be called back for repairs. 

So far the recalls have only affected the North American market with models located in the United States and Canada identified. 

There is not thought to be any immediate threat to UK models at this time. 

Car repairs will be conducted when parts are made available with all upgrades likely to be offered free of charge. 

Expedition and Navigator models

The first safety recall affects two of Ford’s brand new models, the new 2020 Expedition and the 2020 Navigator SUV. 

Vehicles have been recalled after issues were picked up on the car’s brand new onboard technology system. 

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Ford say they are not aware of any road crashes or injuries relating to the fault but repairs would still be offered to drivers. 

Updates will include reprogramming parts of the car including its ABS system and headlight control monitor. 


Ford’s popular Mustang will also face a recall with over 10,000 models affected by a simple transmission glitch. 

The error is related to the duration of a simple warning message and chime used to inform motorists of a vital safety feature. 

Transit Connect 

Over 5,000 large Transit Connect models have also been issued a recall after fears the car’s roof could blow away. 

Ford says the model’s roof may have an improper bond which could result in the part completely separating from the vehicle. 

Under most circumstances, this faulty part will just lead to water leaks and added wind noise but may fall away in severe cases. 

The firm says they are not aware of any injuries caused by the damage but confirm technicians will reinstall the part on any affected models. have contacted Ford for an update on models based in the UK.

Published at Thu, 14 May 2020 09:37:00 +0000