Forget Netflix – There’s a very big reason to switch on Disney+ TODAY

Forget Netflix – There’s a very big reason to switch on Disney+ TODAY

Disney+ began broadcasting its premium content in the UK last month with streaming fans getting a swathe of content for a £5.99 monthly fee. At launch, this service was already packed with content from the likes of Pixar, Marvel and National Geographic but now there’s an added bonus arriving this week for those who love the Star Wars franchise.

To celebrate the yearly May 4th day, Disney+ is releasing the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on its platform. This movie wouldn’t usually be available until the summer but Disney clearly wants to keep the pressure on rival services such as Netflix.

Rise of Skywalker now joins all of the other Star Wars classics that are also available via Disney+ including the original trio movies and more recent additions to the space epic.

Along with The Rise of Skywalker, Disney is also releasing the global premiere of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian and the finale episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


In addition to new content offerings, Disney+ will also honour the artistry of Star Wars with a week-long concept art takeover on the service.

Like a commemorative gallery, each film and series’ artwork will be updated on May 4th to feature its original concept paintings.

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From “Star Wars: A New Hope” to “The Mandalorian,” the updated art will feature work from celebrated artists such as the legendary Ralph McQuarrie and Academy Award-winning artist, author, and production designer, Doug Chiang. On the Disney+ home screen, the animated “Star Wars” brand tile, viewable on web and connected TV devices, gets upgraded with a new animation that honours the signature hyperspace jump.

If this sounds like something you fancy watching then you can sign up now and get a week for free. Once that promotion has ended you’ll then pay £5.99 per month.


As a quick reminder, because Disney+ comes into homes via the internet you’ll need a device that can receive this digital signal. There’s a bunch of products that are compatible with Disney+ including Samsung’s smart TVs, PS4 consoles, the Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Here’s a full list of every device that works with Disney+.

Web Browsers (via streaming) • Android phones and tablets • Apple iPhones and iPads • Amazon Fire Tablet • Android TV Devices • LG WebOS Smart TVs • Roku TV • Samsung Tizen Smart TVs • Amazon Fire TV • Apple AirPlay • Apple TV (4th Generation and later) • Chromebook • Chromecast • Sony PlayStation 4 • Xbox One • Roku

Disney+ is offering a range of content in 4K resolution but you will, of course, need an Ultra HD TV to tune in.

If you have this kit in your living room already then there’s more good news as Disney isn’t charging a premium for this service.

As we mentioned earlier, the service costs £5.99 per month or £59.99 for the year. For that price, you’ll be able to stream in 4K and have a maximum of four people binging at once.

Conversely, Netflix prices its service from £5.99, too. However, this will only let you stream in standard definition and allow one person to do so at any time.

You’ll have to cough up £11.99 for Netflix’s Premium plan if you want the same benefits as Disney+.

Published at Mon, 04 May 2020 05:53:00 +0000