Fortnite Deadpool Challenges not working – Epic Games update

Fortnite Deadpool Challenges not working – Epic Games update

The new Fortnite Deadpool Challenges and takeover of the map has begun and fans are busy trying to complete everything so they can unlock the brand new skin. New Week 7 Challenges went live at 3pm BST, and include a way for Battle Pass owners to unlock Deadpool, with another event planned for next week. Week 8 is expected to include new ways to unlock the unmasked version of the Deadpool Skin, with a new range of Challenges.

But some gamers are struggling with the Fortnite Deadpool Challenges not working on PS4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and Mobile.

It should be noted that the new issues don’t seem to be affecting everyone, with one gamer commenting:

“Already got Deadpool. I feel kinda bad. I hope everyone can get him soon.”

Another adds: “Thank you Fortnite!! Us as a community appreciate you spending your quality time on a Friday helping us!”

The latest news from Epic Games is that they are looking into the issues affecting the Fortnite Deadpool Challenges.

The original message from Epic Games reads: “We are investigating issues with missing Deadpool Week 7 challenges for some players.”

And this hopefully means that everyone will have access to them in the coming hours, following the official launch of the new event.

The latest message from the Epic support team adds: “We are still investigating this issue and will keep you updated. We appreciate your patience.”

As mentioned above, the new Week 7 Challenges are now live for some players, with the Deadpool skin available to unlock.

And we have the exact locations you need to find Deadpool’s 2 pistols in Fortnite.

You will be able to find Deadpool’s 2 pistols in the Fortnite Battle Pass screen.

One of these Deadpool pistols will be underneath the table where the Agents have all gathered, the other one will be in Meowscles Agents tab by the barbell.

And that won’t be it for the Fortnite Deadpool challenges, with leaks revealing there will also be a week 8 set of tasks.

Finishing one of next week’s Fortnite Deadpool week 8 challenges will unlock a new style for Deadpool’s outfit which shows Wade Wilson unmasked.

More Fortnite events are expected to be hosted before the end of the current season on all platforms.

Fortnite Chapter Season 3 is expected to start in early May and that means a new live event could be in the works.

Epic Games haven’t shared much of its plans yet, but the news could be coming soon following the end of Week 8.

Published at Fri, 03 Apr 2020 17:16:00 +0000