Fortnite Deadpool pool floaty challenge SOLVED: Unlock unmasked Deadpool skin variant

Fortnite Deadpool pool floaty challenge SOLVED: Unlock unmasked Deadpool skin variant

The Fortnite Deadpool challenges have been a real highlight of Season 2.

Epic Games has released a couple of Deadpool challenges every week during the latest season of Fortnite.

Over the course of the season, fans have been tasked with vandalising posters, finding milk cartons and destroying toilets.

It all seemingly culminated with last week’s challenges, which finally unlocked the Deadpool skin.

However, in a surprise move, Epic Games continues to release additional Deadpool challenges for Week 8.

The Week 8 Deadpool challenges unlock the unmasked variant for the character skin.

The challenges task players with finding Deadpool’s pool floaty, and dancing at Deadpool’s Yacht Party.

If you’re struggling to find Deadpool’s Pool Floaty, then read on for the location of this latest character item.

As with previous Deadpool challenges, this item task can be solved in the Agents’ headquarters.

Once the Deadpool challenges go live, fans are encouraged to visit Skye’s room in the Agents’ HQ.

Express Online will confirm the exact location once the challenges go live on April 10.

Once you see the Deadpool Pool Floaty, just select the item to complete this rather simple Week 8 challenge.

Speaking of challenges, the latest batch of Skye’s Adventure tasks are also live for Battle Pass owners.

The new Skye’s Adventure challenges task players with flying a Choppa under different bridges, and hunting down the swords in a stone found in high places.

To unlock the Ghost or Shadow skin for Skye, you’ll also need to search chests at landmarks, deal damage with a Kingsman and bounce on various Crash Pads.

If you’re struggling to complete the Week 8 Fortnite challenges, then click the links above for solutions.

Published at Fri, 10 Apr 2020 10:50:00 +0000