Fortnite season 3 LEAKS: Fans get teaser of what’s coming in next chapter 2 Battle Pass

Fortnite season 3 LEAKS: Fans get teaser of what’s coming in next chapter 2 Battle Pass

Fortnite season 3 is launching next week, with the release of the next Battle Pass following hot on the heels of the end-of-season live event. After a number of delays Epic Games will finish Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 in some style, with two major dates fans will need to put in the diary. On Monday June 15 the Fortnite Device live event – aka the Doomsday event – will take place, and will be the first end-of-season live event since last year.

The last Fortnite end-of-season live event to take place was the chapter 1 season 10 The End showstopper which happened last October.

Given how incredible that event was, and the calibre of following live events such as the Travis Scott concert, anticipation is high for the Fortnite Device event.

This will be followed swiftly by the launch of Fortnite season 3, with the new chapter 2 Battle Pass releasing on Wednesday June 17.

And ahead of the launch of Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 fans have been treated to a few leaks which shed a light on what Epic Games has planned.

As revealed in a post by Fortnite Insider, dataminers have gathered a number of leaks from YouTuber Tabor Hill.

And according to the leaks it looks like Fortnite season 3 will be bringing with it some big map changes.

Specifically, it’s been claimed that players will be fighting it out on a new flooded map in Fortnite season 3.

It has long been rumoured that the Fortnite map is getting submerged, with such rumours dating back to 2018.

And it looks like these rumours are finally set to come to fruition with Fortnite season 3.

It could be that the Fortnite Device event ends up sparking a cataclysmic disaster which ends up flooding the map, leading into the start of season 3.

The leaks also claimed that a brand new weapon – a flare gun – will also be added to Fortnite in season 3.

The news comes after earlier this month a PlayStation Store leak appeared to confirm these rumours of season 3 featuring a flooded map.

On April 30, which was the day Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 was meant to end originally, the PS Store accidentally updated the game’s icon early.

And this updated image showed the Battle Bus flying above a vast sea of water, with only a small deserted island seen in the distance.

Fortnite season 3 launches on Wednesday June 17. Judging by past launches, we can expect to see servers go down around 9am BST to prepare for the rollout.

Patch notes and a trailer should become available around then, showing fans what they can expect from the new Fortnite Battle Pass.

Published at Fri, 12 Jun 2020 12:57:00 +0000