From £500 to £5.4million, founder shares secret to entrepreneurial success

From £500 to £5.4million, founder shares secret to entrepreneurial success

Mrs Quigley-Jones, founder of Digital Voices and the recently launched Creator Voices, shared just what was driving her unprecedented success. Digital Voices was able to triple its staff, go international and work with the likes of Rolls-Royce in less than three years.

Digital Voices was founded in 2018 to help influencers, content creators and digital entrepreneurs optimise their marketing and brands.

Proving that entrepreneurship is not a straight and narrow path, Mrs Quigley-Jones had one of the most varied educational and career paths before beginning Digital Voices.

Growing up in Kuwait, she found a passion to humanise the region, and went on to research and publish pieces on child torture in Syria and interned in Washington on foreign policy and the Middle East.

Mrs Quigley-Jones was then awarded the Kennedy Scholarship to study at Harvard where she graduated with a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies.

After spending some time working for Oxfam she moved to YouTube where she became a partner manager, helping creators grow their channel.

This was where she found her inspiration to empower online creators and entrepreneurs.

The biggest problem facing online content creators is getting their content in front of the right audiences.

Solving this increases their sales, views, subscribers and many other metrics simply because they are targeting the correct platforms, keywords and demographics.


However, many first-time digital entrepreneurs struggle with this aspect of business and find they are aiming in the entirely wrong direction.

While marketing agencies are digitised enough to help business and e-commerce sites with their marketing, there isn’t much in terms of influencer marketing assistance.

Mrs Quigley-Jones noticed this gap in the market, as although Instagram is more well-known for influencer presence it is actually on YouTube where influencers find the most success.

Filling this market void saw the business quickly become the global leader in YouTube marketing and has increased its year-on-year turnover sixfold with an astronomical revenue growth of 500 percent during 2020.

This type of growth is almost unheard of in the entrepreneurial world, it can be attributed to the increased demand during 2020 and the niche demographic of her customers.

However, she shared that the biggest factor in the tremendous growth of Digital Voices was their approach to running campaigns and handling metrics of success.

Mrs Quigley-Jones explained: “As a relatively new agency, it’s extremely rewarding to see how far Digital Voices has come over the past year.

“Our rapid growth is a result of our data-led approach to run successful campaigns, while driving deep impact for brands.

“Through our relentless focus on putting creators at the heart of media campaigns, while carefully and strategically designing our campaigns to hold attention and win the trust of viewers to drive growth and sales for brands, Digital Voices has emerged as the leader of YouTube creator marketing.”

It is this combination of statistical data alongside the impact and intention of the creator that makes Digital Voices such a unique entity in the field of digital marketing.

Digital Voices now extends to six continents and plans to increase its global sectors even more.

And, with the recent launch of Creator Voices, a confidential question and answer forum for creators, it seems that Mrs Quigley-Jones’ entrepreneurial appetite is not yet satisfied.

Published at Sun, 08 Aug 2021 17:53:00 +0000