Galaxy Note 9 will soon be outclassed as Galaxy Note 10 release date UNCOVERED

Galaxy Note 9 will soon be outclassed as Galaxy Note 10 release date UNCOVERED

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 could soon get a massive update with the Korean technology firm almost certain to release its next phablet in the coming months.

The new Galaxy Note 10 has been rumoured for a while with speculation rife that it will feature a triple lens camera, faster processor and more power under the hood.

Now it seems we may know more about when fans will get their first look at this phone with one website claiming that a launch is imminent. has posted an article which reveals that the new Galaxy Note 10 will be unveiled at an Unpacked event on August 10.

Although there’s nothing to confirm this rumour, it would make some sense as Samsung has a track history of releasing its new Note range in the summer.

Here’s when previous Note devices have been unveiled:

Galaxy Note 7 – 19th August 2016

Galaxy Note 8 – 23rd August 2017

Galaxy Note 9 – 10th August 2018

As well as following its usual launch cycle there is another reason why Samsung could be keen to release its phablet sooner rather than later.

With the phone possibly hitting stores in August it would be on sale long before Apple has a chance to unleash its next smartphone.

The iPhone 11 will almost certainly be revealed in September as this is the traditional time that the US tech giant brings fans their first look at the next big updates.

If Samsung is holding an Unpacked event in August we should find out more details in the coming weeks with invites to the event possibly arriving in late July.

More rumours about this device are sure to appear online in the coming weeks but here’s what we think we know so far about the Galaxy Note 10.

We’re expecting Samsung to release two versions of its Note 10 with one featuring a 6.28-inch display while the other is speculated to have a huge 6.75-inch panel.

Both of these devices could also get a 5G variant making a total of four Note 10s coming to market.

Along with a fully edge-to-edge screen, it also seems likely that Samsung will follow the S10 with a hole-punched front-facing camera popping through the display.

On the rear case it. seems almost certain that users will get a triple-camera system on its rear, similar to what is already present on the Galaxy S10 and S10+.

Another rumour is that this will be the first Samsung flagship to oust the age-old 3.5-millimetre headphone jack.

Finally, we can expect an improved processor, bigger battery and the addition of PowerShare which will allow the Note 10 to refill other devices simply by touching them.

Published at Wed, 12 Jun 2019 05:30:00 +0000