Galaxy S20’s best features are now available on these cheaper Samsung phones

Galaxy S20’s best features are now available on these cheaper Samsung phones

The Galaxy S20 might be Samsung’s flagship smartphone, but the South Korean firm is making sure that owners of its cheaper devices don’t miss out. It’s just been announced that the mid-range Galaxy A51 and A71 are both being treated to features you’d previously only find on the more premium S20.

Samsung has just begun releasing a new software update, which brings a range of leading Galaxy S20 features to the Galaxy A series.

That means those with a Galaxy A51 or A71 in their pocket will now be able to harness some of the Galaxy S20 series’ powerful innovations such as improved photography and easier ways to share content. So, if you own one of these devices – what’s new?

Perhaps the biggest treat is the addition of the Single Take mode which is now coming to the camera settings. This option basically produces a swathe of different images and video clips from one single press of the shutter button.

Just by tapping record with the Single Take feature, users can capture up to ten seconds of footage with a wide range of capture modes, including Live Focus, Smart Crop, video and AI filter.

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Users can then revisit the clips in the Gallery app and choose which capture style they like the best.

Galaxy A51 and A71 users can now also enjoy several Pro Mode functionalities from the Galaxy S20, including Manual Focus and Shutter Speed control. These features give users more control when capturing photos and videos so they can have total command over their shooting experiences.

Users can get creative when capturing after sunset with Night Hyperlapse, and enjoy more personalisation with features like My Filters, which lets users create their own personal image filters using existing images in their camera roll. Away from the camera, another nice bonus is the ability to share content more easily.

Quick Share and Music Share have both been added making it easier to stay connected and instantaneously share pictures, videos and music.

When viewing media in the Gallery and looking to share it with friends, users enable the Quick Share option to see immediately which users are nearby. Just by tapping the icon, users can then select one or more friends to seamlessly share their media with.

Another bonus of the update is more Keyboard functionalities.

When typing in the search bar in the app tray, accessible with just a simple swipe up on the home screen, users will now be presented with a range of predicted Apps, Settings, Quick Panel and Contacts search results before they even finish typing their query, and can then explore even more results by hitting the ‘See more results’ button.

Enhanced keyboard functionalities also give users more freedom when typing; users can now translate text directly from the keyboard tray and easily undo and redo their most recent keyboard action with an intuitive swipe left or right with two fingers on the keyboard.

There’s no word when this upgrade will arrive on your smartphone but it’s likely to be pushed out across the globe in the coming weeks.

Published at Thu, 09 Jul 2020 06:35:00 +0000