Game of Thrones: George RR Martin books predict this TRAGIC end as story comes full circle

Game of Thrones: George RR Martin books predict this TRAGIC end as story comes full circle

Daenerys Targaryen is not just the breaker of chains. The wannabee queen has also declared she will break the eternal wheel that keeps the poor and downtrod firmly at the bottom of history’s heap. Except, the final ever episode of the HBO adaptation is going to show how that very wheel has gone full circle as the past plays out in a devastating repeat of the tragic events which started everything twenty years ago. And every single major player is in place to play their role.

Robert Baratheon’s revolt kick-started the entire cycle which ended when a Lannister removed a mad Targaryen after the (alleged) abduction of a Stark.

In the A Song of Ice and Fire book a Feast For Crows Rodrick Harlaw tells Asha Greyjoy: “Archmaester Rigney once wrote that history is a wheel, for the nature of man is fundamentally unchanging. What has happened before will perforce happen again.”

Daenerys has suddenly (and slightly inexplicably) gone just a little mad and is now fuelled by paranoia and fury, seeing betrayal everywhere she looks. She also legitimised Robert’s bastard Gendry so there is a Baratheon in place once more.

But the most chilling and potentially horrifying part of this brilliant theory from the clever folk at Inverse is what will happen to one of the Starks to set the final pieces in motion. 

Sansa’s distrust and resistance to Daenerys are already established. If the dragon queen demands the North and Sana bend the knee and they refuse, Daenerys will see this as treason. If Daenerys then demands Sansa’s execution, the Starks (including Jon) will have no choice but to resist, along with the North, the Vale and Tyrion.

An even worse possibility is that Daenerys will realise that as long as Jon lives, her claim to the throne will always be threatened. If she imprisons him, or worse, turns Drogon on him, she will be faced with a revolt, especially if his true lineage has been revealed.

Tyrion is in place to betray and kill her, as his brother did with the Mad King.

Gendry is in place to take the throne, since Jon, if living, would decline it and Sansa, if living, will remain as Warden of the North. 

Daenerys cannot escape the past and her own actions have made it inevitable.

She has become everything she stood against and ultimately she has simply proved that the wheel will always turn, because human nature makes it so.

BONUS FACT: Fantasy specialists may also like to know that George RR Martin named Archmaester Rigney after his friend James Rigney, who wrote the equally epic 15-book cycle The Wheel of Time under the pen name Robert Jordan.


Published at Thu, 16 May 2019 15:31:00 +0000