GB News: Farage told UK petrol stations are using diesel to ‘rip off motorists’

GB News: Farage told UK petrol stations are using diesel to ‘rip off motorists’

Howard Cox, the head of Fair Fuel UK appeared on Nigel Farage’s GB News show and had some forthright opinions about the current state of petrol and diesel in the UK. He told the outspoken host he believes petrol stations are using diesel to “rip off motorists”.

This week saw the price of both petrol and diesel hit historic highs yet again, while the Government refused to levy a windfall tax on oil giants making billions.

Mr Cox quoted RAC figures as he said “Today’s diesel wholesale price is 8p less than petrol but as you know it’s 14p more, there’s a 23p difference.”

He added that he believes the apparent lack of availability of fuel is being used as a “cash cloud” to rip motorists off.

He continued: “They’re using that as their cash cloud to rip us off easily. Petrol is not so profitable at the moment, in fact some areas I understand they’re losing money in the forecourts.

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She added: “My view is that lower taxes are the best way to attract more investment – to get the businesses into this country that can create these high-paid jobs, which is what we need to face down these global headwinds.”

Challenged over the recent admission by BP’s boss Bernard Looney that a windfall tax would not halt its investment plans, she said: “Well then he can do more if he’s got more profits that have been raised during this period.”

Luke Bosdet, the AA’s fuel price spokesperson, commented on chancellor Rishi Sunak’s fuel duty cut earlier in the year and what it will mean for drivers in the future.

He said: “Despite his best efforts, the Chancellor must feel like King Canute having tried to reverse the tide of rising pump prices.
“At least though, he can say that UK drivers would be £2.75 a tank even more worse off now had he not tried to take action in March.”

Published at Fri, 20 May 2022 20:28:00 +0000