German MEP lashes out at Angela Merkel ‘betrayal’ in angry tirade ‘This is NOT your money’

German MEP lashes out at Angela Merkel ‘betrayal’ in angry tirade ‘This is NOT your money’

The German MEP attacked Angela Merkel for trampling on the freedoms of European citizens and betraying European ideals. Mr Meuthen added that on average citizens in Spain and Italy are more wealthy then German citizens. 

The German MEP said: “It is not your money to spend, it is the money of the taxpayers, they are the ones who are going to pay the bill.

“This is driven by socialist ideology and freedoms are being trampled on, then you say Germany is going to prepared to show solidarity.

“Are you aware that the average wealth of Germans is lower than that of Spaniard or French citizens?

“Are you aware of the fact that people enjoy their pensions at a later age in Germany than in other countries?

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“So what kind of understanding do you have of solidarity do you have Ms Merkel?”

Last month Jörg Meuthen unleashed a scathing attack on the European Commission’s bailout plan during the European Parliament’s plenary session.

Mr Meuthen slammed the European Union’s recovery package as nonsense and praised Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden for all refusing to agree to the bailout. 

The German MEP said: “I think Chancellor Merkel was very clear when she said there wouldn’t be any corona bonds or Euro bonds but now, we have this recovery fund providing grants of €5million.

He continued: “This is a huge price for EU citizens to have to pay. So you are just spending as if there is no tomorrow with taxpayers’ money.

“This completely lacking any responsibility or economic sense here.

“This does not make sense in terms of spending and taxes.

“We are talking about huge figures of money here and this is hypocritical, all in the name of solidarity.

“We have seen Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden all refuse to agree to this nonsense.”

Published at Wed, 08 Jul 2020 13:34:00 +0000