GMB in stitches as Chris Kamara admits he’s not wearing TROUSERS for video interview

GMB in stitches as Chris Kamara admits he’s not wearing TROUSERS for video interview

From 100-year-old Colonel Tom Moore raising over £30million for the NHS trust after pledging to walk 100 laps of his driveway, to five-year-old Harmonie-Rose Allen taking park in the 2.6 challenge, fundraising efforts across the UK are at an all-time high. 

Today, GMB spoke to 73-year-old Rajinder Singh – otherwise known as the ‘Skipping Sikh’ – who has been inspiring people to exercise during the lockdown.

He went viral after he was filmed skipping in his allotment, and has since raised £9,600 for the NHS. 

And Chris Kamara – who is known for his own sporting efforts – joined their interview, but it quickly descended into chaos when he revealed the lack of clothing he was wearing below the waist. 

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We can’t have you there without doing some sort of exercise, can you do a handstand up the wall or something? Don’t let me down mate, come on!” Ben begged. 

Those watching at home heard Ranvir interject: “You’re such a mean friend!” 

“I haven’t got any trousers on!” Chris revealed and the whole studio fell about laughing. 

“Prove it! Prove it! Prove it!” Ranvir chanted but Ben restored the order: “No, if he’s said it, it means it’s true. Absolutely true.” 

One said: “Haha made my morning !! Love @chris_kammy !! @benshephard face was a picture lol well done gr8 piece.” 

Only watch GMB on Fridays and thought this was hilarious,” another added. 

Someone else wrote: “Brilliant work all. Great to see such a fun and inspiring story. We now only watch @GMB on a Friday for obvious reasons.” 

An alternative tweet read: “Never fails to surprise and make us laugh, brilliant Chris Kammy.” 

Published at Fri, 01 May 2020 07:08:00 +0000