GMB viewers outraged at Piers Morgan for ‘character assassination’ of Matt Hancock

GMB viewers outraged at Piers Morgan for ‘character assassination’ of Matt Hancock

Wednesday marks 50 days since the last government minister appeared on Good Morning Britain to be grilled by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid. Following a series of hot-blooded and rather loud interviews, the government decided to focus their attention on the likes of Sky and BBC instead. However, it hasn’t stopped Piers still taking aim at politicians, particularly Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock, in recent days, which has left some viewers less than impressed.

On today’s show, Piers began by reeling out old footage of Mr Hancock from previous interviews on the show.

Piers dissected the Health Secretary’s words from March and began to blast him for the government’s overall handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, ITV viewers at home accused Piers of “lazy reporting”, describing the attack on Mr Hancock as a “character assassination.”

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: “@GMB today’s theme? Matt Hancock character assassination! Motormouth Morgan re-ranting March 3rd interviews, disgraceful.”

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A second weighed in: “@GMB @piersmorgan it is quite pathetic what you are doing this morning. Yes Hancock might have said something different at the beginning of March but things have moved on.

“Stop sulking they are not coming on because of Piers. @susannareid100 you are better than this!”

A third tweeted: “Replaying interviews because you can’t get government ministers on despite you baiting them. Criticising Hancock for not taking a pay cut. Did Morgan and Reid take a pay cut? Thought not.”

While a fourth chimed: “@GMB very lazy reporting today. Reporting on what Matt Hancock said on 3rd March, really! Is that all you’ve got. Just to satisfy Piers’ rant about the government.”

And a fifth added to the debate: “Wow! From what I’ve seen, @GMB is really scraping the barrel with dredging up stuff Matt Hancock has said. Let’s dredge up stuff @piersmorgan has done/said shall we? See how he fairs…”

Piers began his rant at the government from almost the very beginning of today’s show.

Alongside Susanna, the two began reeling off soundbites the Health Secretary said back in March before the peak of the pandemic.

“Keep washing your hands, keep having mass gatherings, this was the Health Secretary,” Piers began.

The Manchester United footballer led the campaign to have the government’s free school dinners scheme extending into the summer.

Following backing from the public and having raised £20million, the Prime Minister eventually U-turned on the decision and decided to pledge money towards the scheme.

However, Piers told Mr Hancock to “do his bit” following the footballer’s work after he publicly called on players to take pay cuts earlier this year.

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays at 6am on ITV.

Published at Wed, 17 Jun 2020 06:29:00 +0000