'Good god why do that!' Britons deliver travel industry blow as many hesitant to go abroad

'Good god why do that!' Britons deliver travel industry blow as many hesitant to go abroad

Sky News conducted a vox pop to determine whether Britons would be holidaying this year as travel restrictions ease and more countries are added to the UK’s green list. But those the broadcaster spoke to showed hesitancy for international travel and cited worries over coronavirus testing costs and variants as their main causes for concern.  A GlobalData poll found 58 percent of Britons would not travel due to quarantine requirements which could spell disaster for international tourism. 

Speaking to one man in the street, he was asked whether he would be taking a holiday this year. 

In response he said: “Good god, why would people go on holiday, you’re taking your life into your hands. 

“Nobody really knows what’s going on.”

Another woman was asked the same question and said: “Things are so changeable at the moment and we’re making alternative arrangements in England.”

One man added that he was concerned over how quickly the virus could change and was put off by the cost of quarantining and taking tests.

The Government is hoping that international travel for leisure could resume from May 17 but only if the vaccination programme and falling cases continue. 

Ministers will outline which countries are safe to travel to by adding them to a traffic light system which will set out restrictions and quarantine requirements.

Tourism boards in Spain, Greece, Portugal and many others are keen to set up travel corridors with the UK to revive the struggling travel sector. 

However, a YouGov poll found people were moving towards domestic holidays instead but many were still choosing to delay their travel plans for this year. 

A group of 50 travel providers wrote a letter to both US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging their governments to open travel corridors between them. 

It read: “As the collective leaders of the US and UK aviation, travel and tourism industry, we are writing to underscore the importance of both governments reopening one of the world’s most important aviation markets as soon as safely possible.

Given the deep economic, social and cultural ties between our two nations, we believe your meeting ahead of the G7 in early June would be an ideal opportunity for a joint announcement of the full reopening of the US-UK air travel market for both US and UK citizens.

“We stand ready to support the work of governments in the interim to secure a positive outcome.”

Published at Wed, 05 May 2021 10:36:00 +0000