Google Maps: Driver’s rude action caught on StreetView – did he know the camera was there?

Google Maps: Driver’s rude action caught on StreetView – did he know the camera was there?

Google Maps is used the world over by people seeking a little assistance navigating their way around the world. However, it is also increasingly used to spot weird and wonderful global occurrences.

Though little is known about the back story to the incident, users have commented on the fact Google hasn’t made much of an attempt to hide his hand action.

One user wrote: “The attempt to blur the finger was there… But it was not successful.”

As per Google’s privacy policy, the team blur out faces of people, as well as private property on request.

The technology is also known to have snapped lude scenes in the past which it has been quick to censor.

However, every now and then they forget to add a privacy filter.

In Birmingham, UK, users were left baffled after spotting what appeared to be a green-faced “alien” man.

His menacing, monster-like features were almost immediately noticeable, his black eyes bearing into the camera.

The “alien” man was snapped on a busy street in the city centre, half shielded by a car.

Local man Stevie Hall, from Sutton Coldfield, discovered the image.

He told The Sun: “I just froze in fear when I saw him and the hairs went up on the back of my neck.

“The Google info says it was shot in April so it wasn’t even Halloween. I searched for nearby conventions as well on that date and nothing. It isn’t faked either as you can see there are reflections on the car.

“I’m not really into conspiracy theories but we’ve been full of them since seeing it.”

However, not long after the user pointed out the scene, it was suddenly blurred from view.

It is thought that the man was wearing a mask, though the sudden censorship begs its own questions.

Was the filter a privacy precaution or is Google hiding something out of this world?

Published at Tue, 14 Jan 2020 14:15:00 +0000