Google Maps: Mysterious plane crash spotted in remote rainforest – could it be MH370?

Google Maps: Mysterious plane crash spotted in remote rainforest – could it be MH370?

Google Maps has photographed a fascinating sight deep in the rainforest of south west Canada on the Google Earth tool. It has captured what appears to be a crashed plane hidden among the thick greenery. The image is in fact the site of the Canso Bomber plane crash in what is now the Pacific Rim National Park in British Columbia. The crash has been there ever since the shock accident happened back in 1945.

Google Earth shows the wreckage of the plane as a spot of white among the green of the rainforest.

The Canso 11007 was a flying boat deployed by the Royal Canadian Air Force towards the end of World War Two.

The plane crashed after experiencing port engine failure after taking off from Torfino on 10 February 1945.

It descended at 200 metres per minute into the side of a hill, reported Atlas Obscura.

The Canso Bomber was carrying 400kg of bombs on board and incredibly they did not explode on impact.

There were 12 passengers on board who all miraculously survived the crash.

The undetonated explosives were later removed from the crash site.

The site can still be visited – although it’s a very difficult location to reach.

Those who brave the trek, however, are allowed to climb aboard and clamber over the wreckage freely.

The place used to be a formally registered archaeological site, according to Atlas Obscura, but has since been abandoned by Parks Canada due to the risks of reaching the site.

The Canso Bomber plane crash is far from the only one that can be spotted on Google Maps.

One geologist believes he has found the wreckage of the MH370 plane in Cambodia

The discovery and after geologist John Guo pinpointed a 600 metre stretch of ruined trees leading up to a jet that appears on Google Map’s satellite view.

He believes this ‘crush zone’ is also around 45m wide. Guo asserts he is experienced in “remote image interpretations” and believes the clues he has spotted reveal the fate of MH370 plane which was carrying 227 passengers.

In a video on YouTube, Guo said: “This video shows an obvious crushed aeroplane image identified on Google Maps in Cambodia, first identified by a British video producer.

“The aeroplane object is clear, and the texture information of the forest behind the aeroplane helps me to interpret what could have happened when the aeroplane crushed on ground.”

Published at Thu, 07 Mar 2019 16:38:00 +0000