Google Maps reveals tourists captivated by unexpected life-changing scene

Google Maps reveals tourists captivated by unexpected life-changing scene

The Google Maps Street View team captured a romantic scene fit for a Mediterranean queen during a trip to Italy. Ordinarily, its cameras take photographs of the regular, everyday lives of residents yet this particular occasion was more magical than mundane. For one couple, their special moment was not just their own, and ended up being broadcast to the world. Cameras honed in on a cobbled street in Puglia, which was attracting significant attention from tourists and passers-by.

A group had congregated on a street corner, outside of an old building which was perhaps a church.

Yet the main attraction was a stunning princess-style glass carriage which had pulled up outside.

The spherical seating area, trimmed with gold material, made a stark contrast to the classic surroundings.

The carriage was even topped with a crown for additional glam.

Otherwise, it was adorned with cream and black wheels and pretty foliage on either side.

It was pulled by two tan and white horses positioned at the front.

It appears the carriage was waiting for its guests, as no-one was spotted inside.

It is unclear what the special occasion for the adorable form of transport was, yet it could have been ready and waiting to collect a new bride and groom.

Meanwhile, in a completely separate incident, Google Maps cameras captured a pair of pranksters in full swing in a surprise sight in Scandinavia.

During a trip to a tranquil street in Stockholm, they captured a couple of troublemakers appearing to disguise a crime.

The Google cameras were on top of a car, which was making its way down a residential road, when the incident occurred.

Apartment blocks lined either side of the street as the vehicle made its way down, taking pictures to map out its exact location.

Yet it was the sight of two middle-aged men which proved most shocking.

The duo could be seen hurriedly emerging from a brick building.

Between them, they carried what looked to be a corpse wrapped up in a tan-coloured cloth.

Published at Thu, 21 Feb 2019 09:58:00 +0000