Google Maps Street View: Google car ruins romantic moment in New York

Google Maps Street View: Google car ruins romantic moment in New York

Google Maps Street View used 3D camera technology to create virtual maps which users can click around. Cameras are attached to Google cars which then drive around the streets of locations all around the world snapping photographs to be used for the tool.

Though Street View is a well-loved online application, boasting more than one billion months active users for the app alone, it seems the creation of one of these virtual scenes caused some trouble for one happy couple.

A user happened upon the moment in New York, which they then shared in a Reddit forum.

The scene unfolds at Marina Del Rey Waterfront Wedding and Event Venue in New York.

Google’s car appears to be driving past a deeply romantic moment and could have gotten in the way of the situation.

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If this is the case, Google’s car has likely gotten in the way of the shot, and now is featured in the background of their happy moment.

The user who discovered the scene wrote: “Somewhere this bride has a wedding photo with a Street View car photobombing it.”

Alas, there is no confirmation of what actually happened or whether or not the car did end up making an appearance in the wedding photographs.

This is not the first time Google’s cameras have happened upon a romantic moment between two people.

On a beach in Mexico, the Street View camera snapped a picture of a couple laying together in a passionate clinch on the sand.

However, many users pointed out the couple appear to be taking wedding or engagement photographs.

The woman is wearing a long white dress, much like a wedding gown.

The man, meanwhile, is dressed in a black shirt, trousers and a fedora.

What’s more, just metres away from the kissing couple is a man with a camera.

He is laying down on his stomach atop the sand, getting the perfect shot.

The fact he is using a large SLR camera suggests he is a professional photographer.

The couple also does not appear to be fazed by his presence during their tender moment.

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