Google Maps Street View: Man attempts terrifying tightrope walk across electricity cables

Google Maps Street View: Man attempts terrifying tightrope walk across electricity cables

Google Maps Street View has photographed a man in New Jersey, USA doing something very unusual by the side of the road. He was captured by the Google car tightrope walking along electricity pylon cables high up above the pavement. The topless man, who is just wearing beige shorts and orange trainers, is, thankfully, holding on to the thick cables. Nevertheless, he is taking his life into his hands as appears to be examining something on the pylon.

Particularly impressive is how he managed to get up onto the cables – it is presumed he shimmied up the wooden pole, which shows remarkable agility.

No obvious explanation can be gleaned from the snapshot as to why he is up there.

The pylons are just to the side of a deserted house and a group of men can be seen lounging under the shade of the tree next to bikes and cool box.

Two traffic cones are positioned by a car near the pylon but it is unclear if this is related to the daredevil’s actions.

The Google user can only speculate what the man is up to – perhaps he is simply doing a stunt to show off or maybe he is seeing to a problem – one will never know.

This is isn’t the first time stunts and feats of skill – or recklessness – have been snapped on Google Maps Street View.

Street View also captured a biker performing a very dangerous stunt as they drove down the road.

The bike in the photo was no ordinary bike, however, as a sidecar was attached to the vehicle.

The amazing photo revealed the bike tilting onto one side so that the sidecar was lifted off the ground.

The sight was certainly pretty incredible, as it would take quite some skill to carry off.

However, the stunt was incredibly dangerous as if the bike tilted over any further the whole contraption could have crashed to the ground.

This could easily have resulted in the biker being crushed under the weight of the bike.

On another occasion, a boy was spotted performing a very risky stunt on a coastal road.

He was lying on a skateboard and rolling down the hill without a care for the traffic around him. 

Behind him was a tight bend as the road winds around a mountain and a car coming into view.

The worst case scenario could have been a very nasty accident indeed between the oncoming car and the reckless youth.

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