Google Maps Street View: Man gets huge shock in bus stop image – but why?

Google Maps Street View: Man gets huge shock in bus stop image – but why?

Google Maps is a useful tool to track specific streets, locations and landmarks around the world. In doing so, it often captures passers-by going about their everyday lives in its shots. While some are completely oblivious to the Street View cameras, usually mounted on the top of cars, others take the chance to pose. One man who didn’t do any such thing was a teenager standing at a bus stop.

The Google team caught him completely lost in his thoughts as he listened to music on his headphones.

He was surrounded by a gaggle of residents, presumably waiting for the same bus.

All of their faces had been blurred out by the Google team before the image was broadcast to the world on the website.

Yet in a bizarre twist of fate, the man caught on camera discovered his own image when he was tracking a route on the website.

Taking to forum Reddit in surprise, the user named Dagalb posted a grab of the starring moment and circled his tracksuit-clad figure.

Underneath he wrote the words: “I found myself on Google Street View! Goddamn, hello me of four years ago in high school.”

Another user mused: “Pictures, of people taking pictures, of people taking pictures, of people taking pictures…”

One user quizzed: “Did you notice the Google camera as it was going by?”

He then replied: “Actually not! at least from what I can recall.”

One then jested: “Is your face still blurry?”

He then joked back: “Jee man I hope not.”

Meanwhile, in a completely separate incident, one man appeared to need to take more note of the Google Maps website and its directions.

The motorist decided to take some friends for a drive in the rolling countryside.

The group headed to the coastal route leading to Ardmair Beach, in a tarmac stretch surrounded by lush greenery.

Yet, perhaps unfamiliar with the sharp corners of the side roads, his lack of awareness was clear.

When turning left off the main road, to take a side road with a better view of the water, he plunged his car into a ditch on the corner.

Published at Sun, 11 Aug 2019 07:01:00 +0000