Google Maps Street View: Man has embarrassing fail in front of young woman

Google Maps Street View: Man has embarrassing fail in front of young woman

Google Maps Street View captured a rather embarrassing moment for a poor man. Spotted in Hampshire was an older gentleman dressed in smart black trousers and a waterproof coat. He appeared to be entering a building for work when the awkward scene was captured. The man failed to carry everything he had with him while manoeuvring the heavy door.

With a stack of files and post under his right arm, he failed to keep hold of his suitcase.

The bag fell to the ground while the man struggled to keep the door open with his foot.

A young girl further down the path seemed to have spotted him but was engrossed with her phone.

Thankfully, the man managed to regain himself and picked up the suitcase along with the mail.

After letting go of the door, he righted himself with the bag in one hand.

As the car continued down the road, the young woman appeared to have stopped near him and watched as he readjusted.

She also noticed the Google car driving past and stared at the vehicle.

Many people often try and joke with the camera either by mooning or swearing although she made no effort to do either.

Another awkward situation caught a Google Maps driver in a sticky situation.

He appeared to have become lost and was using his phone to find his location.

Despite him mapping Google Maps, he seemed to be lost.

The man had stopped outside of a residential house and was looking at his phone screen.

He may have been better to ask the homeowner where he was instead of using the Map he was meant to be creating.

Without realising he was caught on camera, he appeared to have found his way out as the car continued on its journey.

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