Google Maps Street View: Rare Jeep spotted in car park – is this real?

Google Maps Street View: Rare Jeep spotted in car park – is this real?

Google Maps is a tool in which users can navigate the world. From viewing their homes to visiting landmarks, Google Maps allows you to travel anywhere you desire. While using the app, many people have come across some of the strangest discoveries that sparks confusion amongst the users.

Google glitches are very common, with some looking more real than others.

Another Reddit user commented on the photo and said: “I still don’t know if this is real.”

“I’m supremely disappointed that this isn’t real,” another commented.

Glitches happen on Google because of the stitching errors that can occur.

While you cannot see the other side to see if that has also become stuck in the glitch, from different angles on Street View, the car looks like a normal car with one front real on the right side of the car.

This is not the first time a car has sparked confusion amongst Reddit users.

Another scene takes place in Michigan, America.

The scene takes place on a highway in the area which pictures an unusual looking red car.

While all the other cars around this particular red car appear to look normal, this red car is very unusual looking.

It appears to have six wheels which for this brand of car is very rare.

The first and second wheels look normally placed as on a regular car.

The third set of wheels is directly behind the second.

A Reddit user commented on the photo and wrote: “I’m pretty sure that’s a 3×3.”

However, it transpired that this car also became stuck in a glitch in which Google elongated the car to look like it had extra wheels. It looked very realistic with no stitching errors visible. 

Published at Fri, 03 Jul 2020 02:28:00 +0000