Google Maps: Three people spotted in an odd position – what are they doing?

Google Maps: Three people spotted in an odd position – what are they doing?

Google Maps is a great tool for finding your way around a destination. It is also a really great way to gain an insight into places around the world you may never have seen before. Occasionally, it uncovers unexpected situations that leave viewers scratching their head. Recently users came across a scenario, reportedly in Russia, which left them begging for answers.

On a recent Reddit thread, a user posted an image taken from Google Maps Street View function.

The user states that the scene is in “midtown, Russia”.

The image appears to portray a house, its front and garden obscured by a tall red fence.

Out the front of the house is a blue car, and three people enjoying the sunshine.

However, it is what the three people are doing that makes this quite the spectacle to behold.

Two of the people appears to be slumped on a bench in the shade, one of them resting upon the other.

Meanwhile, a third person, which appears to be a man, lays shirtless on the ground.

In a further bizarre twist, the three people appear to be surrounded by carrier bags and piles of personal belongings.

From the positions and body language, the three people appear to be asleep, although it could also be a lot more sinister.

Is this three fiends simply resting in the sun or are these dead bodies?

From the comments on Reddit, users seem to suggest this its aftermath of a summers day party.

One user makes reference to the popular television comedy series “Trailer Park Boys” writing: “Trailer Park Boys; Russia”.

Another quips: “Some sort of crazy liquor and cheeseburger party.”

However, there is also a user who draws reference to the more sinister possibility of the image.

The comment dripping in dark humour says: “Ain’t no party like a pass out and die miserably and hopelessly on your front lawn on a Wednesday at 6:45am kinda party/“

Whatever the back story to this trio of friends and the odd scenario they found themselves in, viewers will just have to keep guessing.

Recently, another bizarre moment was captured by the Google Street View cameras, although this time in Canada.

The scene unfolds on a long road in Quebec, in the town of Lac-Mégantic.

As viewers pan up and down what appears to be a normal road something out-of-the-ordinary seems to happen.

The desolate street suddenly has buildings springing up either side of it and then vanishing again in succession.

At one moment, shop fronts litter the sidewalks, and just a metre later they vanish again.

Is this a ghost town uncovered by Google’s cameras?

Published at Wed, 16 Oct 2019 21:15:00 +0000