Google Maps: Why is this mysterious location being kept hidden from the public?

Google Maps: Why is this mysterious location being kept hidden from the public?

Google Maps has photographed the coastal town of Almeira in the south of Spain. The aerial shot clearly shows all the buildings and streets of the Spanish destination. However, there’s one area that simply is not visible via Google Maps in the satellite image. A giant square section of Almeira has been blurred out so no one can see what is there.

The hidden location is called Patio de los Naranjos, which translates to Orange Tree Yard.

No matter how close the viewer zooms in on the map, however, nothing of the yard can be seen – it remains blurred out.

It is not known why the Patio de los Naranjos has been hidden away from public view.

Two buildings are named within the blurred square, though – a government office and a courthouse.

Consequently, it is believed the yard has been blurred out by Google due to the proximity of government buildings.

Many governmental or military centres are censored by Google Maps for security reasons.

Instances of such locations being blurred can be seen across the world on Google.

One such intriguing location is a military base in Athens, Greece which simply cannot be seen on Google Maps.

The Ayioi Anargyroi Military Base Athens is so heavily blurred out no Google user can look at it

The area around the base can easily be explored but absolutely nothing within it can be seen.

There is no explanation as to why this mysterious place has been hidden from the public gaze.

However, the most likely reason behind the blurring is due to national security.

One set of islands in the South Pacific have also raised questions as to why it has been blurred out.

Found within French Polynesia, the island of Moruroa has been blurred out online.

The island was first used for nuclear testing in 1966 by France. A study by Greenpeace found that it contaminated the water as far as Peru and New Zealand, with radiation levels of 12 millirems reported.

The island remains a no-go zone and is guarded by French forces which could suggest why it has been blurred out.

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